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#SummerIsComing #ArcelorMittal

ArcelorMittal Orbit - Slide opening soon!

Almost halfway through 2016 now - and it's 50 degrees out? Boo!

Well, went to LA, came back from LA, had friends come visit, went to Maui and Oahu with family, my middle brother's family grew by one lovely baby boy, and life continues!

Looking forward to seeing what summer has in store; might be visiting Copenhagen with friends for the first time, and maybe even checking out cities in Poland as well! Maybe back to LA for episodic season, maybe staying here to work on a second season of Go Jetters; maybe in Georgia. Lots of maybe's.

All I can say is it's one big highway/roller coaster ride. I'll hang on tight for now. ^_^

Oh, and Jason Bourne drops July 27th in the UK, 28th in AUS, and 29th in USA. Poor Japan has an October 7th date on IMDB now...

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