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One month into 2014 - Jack Ryan, The Assets, and more.

Now firmly into the second month of 2014, it's good to see what has unfolded in the ever unpredictable world of what was the future, and is now firmly the past.

First off, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit hit theatres, and I made the final cut! It was interesting to see myself on a big screen; there was a cast and crew screening a week before the film came out in theatres in the UK at Leicester Square, and I found it to be a good fun spy thriller. I'm glad and thankful I got to be part of this production - my ADR lines made it in as well!

On the flip side, ABC took The Assets off their TV schedule after two episodes, which was disappointing. I was in the previews for the third episode ... which now - is somewhere in the ether; though looks like it is to air somewhere soon, so fingers crossed there. It really got me thinking of all the hard work people put into productions that just never make the light of day. Unfortunate, but an unwanted side effect of the business, I guess.

Otherwise, 2014 seems to be moving at a nice pace; I've gotten to record a new character for an existing video game (still NDA at this point, but will give details soon), have a commercial to shoot this week for the UK, and continue recording my cartoon series, which I hope has a press release soon so I can mention more details. Otherwise I'm enjoying helping other actors with their taped auditions, ediiting reels for friends, and catching up on shows that buddies are in.

Hopefully soon there will be news from Everly and November Man; in the mean time, I'm LA bound in two weeks! ^_^ Oscar viewing party anyone? (and RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman).

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