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A New Normal. 6 Years Since a Speakeasy.

First experience of having a filming job shut down due to a pandemic - March 2020.

Nearly a year and a half later - somehow feels like very little time this time around.

Had a friend mention in a group chat that it'd been six years since we once accidentally found ourselves in a speakeasy.

Keep talking to my family about when we may be able to meet up, though we're scattered throughout the world.

Celebrated my girlfriend's birthday the other week, and it went off stunningly.

Audio podcasts became a cool new thing over the pandemic, as well as experiences with audiobooks and shooting an interactive FMV from home.

Getting to a read and be part of a film from a director who's recently got accolades was quite cool.

Also getting to fill in and read for a second season of a show I worked on was a welcome surprise.

Guess this is the new normal!

It continues to be a fun ride.


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