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Boyster, Los Angeles, and Pilot Season 2014 (and what's been going on)

First off, glad to see some news has shown up about this cartoon series:

All I can say right now is I'm glad to be part of this project, and will say more as I can - but knowing that this series is coming to Disney XD in 'Europe, Middle East, Africa and the US' is awesome ... I can't wait. =)

For the past six weeks I've been staying with friends in Los Angeles during pilot season, and it was wonderful hanging out with all my buddies. Dylan R., Deep S., D. Haverty, Matt B., Joe S. - thanks for making my time there so fun with hikes, karaoke, and happy hours - was great getting to hang with everybody. And I'm now an uncle, woah!

While out in the sunshine, I got to go by where they were mixing Everly and do a little 'last minute ADR' - really looking forward to watching the entire film. Also, pleased to say my longtime theatrical agent Caleigh Vancata is now my manager, looking forward to having her on my side again. ^_^

Got back to London this past Sunday, recorded Monday and Tuesday, and getting back into the swing of things here - just wanted to record a general update, now time to work on paperwork, taxes, un-provisionalizing my UK drivers license, and getting ready to pass my UK general knowledge test to renew my visa. Time to get movin'!

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