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Ready or Not...(general update)

June 2014 is already over halfway finished, and it's awesome to see projects I've worked on and not been able to talk much about finally hitting the airwaves!

A trailer for The November Man has posted online - the linked video clip is it. Looking forward to seeing this as it hits the big screen in the States on August 27th. This was the first of two films last year that brought me to Belgrade, Serbia, and I had lots of fun playing Myers, mainly opposite Caterina Scorsone, who played Amelia Shepherd on Private Practice. Here I got to meet Will Patton as well, who once caused me to have bad dreams when I had seen another Roger Donaldson directed spy thriller called No Way Out as a child - it was surreal to then be working alongside him, and him be a good guy.

Additionally, the Disney XD cartoon Boyster I have been voicing the tite character of has begun airing (from June 16th) on the Disney XD channel in the US, and it's awesome to get to see it - it's crazy how quickly these things appear on YouTube as well. That has been loads of fun and the most steady job I have ever had as an actor; will be a bit sad as it all comes to an end soon. Season two, anyone? XD

Annnnd, yes - the ABC miniseries The Assets is back from this Saturday (June 21st) at 9/8c to finish airing the remaining episodes that were pulled from the lineup this past January. I hope viewers who started watching back in January will enjoy finishing out the show. Big love to all at ABC News and thankful to have gotten to shoot this show out in Lithuania.

Further to this, I had a nice email sent to me by director Joe Lynch - and know that Everly has been delivered, and now it's up to getting tested and seeing what Dimenion Films / The Weinstein Company decide to do regarding theatrical release after that. Fingers are crossed there - with my newfound hardworking publicist Catherine Lyn Scott and London Flair PR, I have been getting some interviews and radio chats, as well as attend events such as Nick Ede's Style for strokes - fun new experiences!

And last but not least, since being back, I've had a nice run of treading the boards, with being part of the #1 voted group in a six week theatre experience of Serial Slashers, and also having done a week on stage at the well known Theatre503 venue with the short play Water Under the Board, as part of ObamAmerica. It felt nice to be part of something live again, and definitely enjoyed the learning experience of having to create and write episodes for Serial Slashers.

UK taxes - submitted. Pricey. That's all I need to say about that.

Alright - gonna try to be better this second half of 2014 with updates. Post soon!

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