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Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Virality, and One Month After My Birthday

Well, a month after my birthday, and work continues to cruise along, as well as life. Funny how it does that, right?

A week ago today I woke up back in London after a fun-filled weekend attending the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the largest arts festival in the world, and I am glad I finally went - first time to visit Scotland, support friends shows, and just get to see what it takes to be part a schedule that includes just under 50,000 performances. I don't think I have been anywhere else where that many performers are hustling to get people into their show, their seats, and I humbly respect how much effort everybody was making.

Me at the Edinburgh Fringe

Thanks to my friends who put me up for that weekend - I hope to get back again next year!

July 7th, 2014 - a short parody video I was asked to be part of called the Japanese Doctor Who was posted to YouTube, and in the last month gained +400k views. I was surprised by the reaction, but enjoyed having fun and glad that so many people like the video. Cheers to director Joshua Kahan for giving me the opportunity.

Additionally last month I was fortunate enough to get to work on an upcoming commercial, and have character voices appears shortly in two video games, which I will elaborate on once possible. This week I have two short projects I've been asked to be a part of, and look forward to the challenge (along with learning a poem for a possible third project), especially learning Japanese for one. It'll be good for me to stretch those muscles again.

Speaking of which, I should head to the gym to stretch those physical muscles as well. ^_^

The November Man is releasing in the US next Wednesday, so please check it out, I can't wait until it is available over in the UK - and also Boyster appears to be returning to the TV in early September, so enjoy and have a great day!

Signing out for now, peace.

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