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The Holiday Season is Upon Us!

As we near the winter holidays again, I wanted to take a bit of time to reflect on another year passing - this one being the decade milestone now for me, since arriving in Los Angeles in October 2014 to pursue life as an actor - I am 99% certain I would have never guessed where my roller coaster ride was taking me, and look forward to wherever it may lead from here.

I'm proud to say I now have Indefinite Leave to Remain status in the UK - one step closer to obtaining British citizenship! Working in London and Europe has opened my eyes to the global nature of the film industry, and am glad to have gotten to see the cities I have. Next year will be my third year flying back into Los Angeles for pilot season; I welcome what may come and can't wait to see my friends and family again.

Having my lovely publicist Catherine Lyn Scott is a new experience for me this year as well - attending events, getting interviewed, and picture-taking has all been exciting and fun. I'm looking forward to attending some LA-side and (hopefully) being around for the release of Everly.

Wrapping up the Disney XD cartoon Boyster was another first - for this coming 2015, I will be working on a new series for the CBBC called the Go Jetters, voicing the role of Kyan. I found this experience, of having to make every emotion and action audible, an incredibly freeing and different experience. I feel very blessed to have these contracts, and thank Disney and the CBBC for the opportunity. Along with voicing these regular characters, I am proud to have been asked to voice certain characters for video games - I definitely would like to venture further down this field, especially with more facial / body capture as well; I've been predicting this will become more and more common, and thus far, Keifer Sutherland, Kevin Spacey, Ellen Page, as well as Troy Baker, Nolan North, and Ashley Johnson are examples that I may be right. Fingers crossed there!

In this NDA day and age, that's all I can say for now, but to reiterate my last post - I'm thankful to all my friends, family, agents, managers and colleagues who have helped me achieve what I have. I still have this feeling I'm blindly forging ahead with no clue what may come next, but I'm happy for all that's past.

A very merry winter to all, and here's to the future. Come what may. See you next year! ^_^

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