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COVID-19, Lockdown, and Coffee Jelly & Rice Pudding.

Since walking five miles into central to finish some video game work on Friday, March 20th, 2020, then going shopping at Japan Centre in central London and taking an Uber back home as to avoid using the Tube - I (and most of the UK) have been in a relative state of lockdown. Some perhaps interpreting different from others.

I decided to try and and keep a positive attitude about all the changes. While it was a confusing time, I found it insightful to think of things in relation to other circumstances I have experienced, and reflect and observe how these shifts in lifestyle have altered my own thoughts and way of being.

For me, being in lockdown actually felt a bit like being isolated in a hotel room, if I were trying to avoid being noticed by other people; which could be what a movie star experiences when avoiding the media and unable to go out without being noticed and scrutinized. While I don't have this experience when on location, this was one thought that went through my head. What I enjoy on my downtime on location includes walking around and taking in the area I'm in, the way people live life there, etc. But if weather were bad, or I were in a mood to hole up in my room, I could imagine this would be somewhat what I'm like.

Difference being - a hotel room doesn't generally offer a full kitchen, or knowledge where to go to get cooking supplies.

Speaking of - I found it a somewhat 'fun' challenge to figure out where to get things that weren't easily available at my main supermarkets. Eggs, flour, anti-bacterial wipes, Japanese-style rice - ended up with me (once past doing just one weekly shop I initially started with, to two separate trips to separate and find other more particular food items on one trip) discovering an appreciation for the supplies that local shops can offer.

To not go on and on, I will just sum up some of the things I have discovered, in my own opinion:

1. Turkish rice pudding involves lots of milk and simmering. And very little rice. Just like the restaurant.

2. Coffee jelly and almond jelly are surprisingly easy to make, and will provide several days of desserts; especially with mango from an Asian grocery store. Their mango for some reason is excellent.

3. Video games are surprisingly a great way to spend hours, even if they occasionally crash and lag. A game controller does wonders in making you feel like you're playing on a console. The lagging makes you better and cleaning up your laptop. Or bricking it.

4. There are many classic video games I never finished. That I now have realized were amazing.

5. My colleagues and friends have been in great plays, which they have mentioned to me, and I have said I will watch one day. Now I have watched some of them, and they have entertained me and introduced me to new series (along with my girlfriend's helpful suggestions).

6. My microphones are not perfect, but don't need to be. Still learning more about home recording studio setups (and not in a closet).

7. I respect the amount of work it takes to get the variety of dishes served to me in a takeaway/takeout. And am grateful for the delivery drivers and restaurants who fight to adjust and serve customers this way.

8. Plants are a great way to mark the passage of time. London feels like Los Angeles with the weather when you are locked in, for some reason.

Think that'll be it for now - though I did have several other thoughts; overall, it's that life is continuing, and it is wonderful to get to experience it. I'll put some food pictures below, mainly as a reminder to myself of what stuff was created during this time, and that I have had the distinction of being around to experience this time, and to also reflect about what was lost during this time.

I hope to continue to get to experience more, and try and stay safe for my loved ones sake, as well as my own, and the world.

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