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...a little help from my friends.

The Indian Summer seems to be slowly passing, though I do see a day almost hitting 70F coming up shortly, so I have to be thankful for a good year of weather.

Thinking about all my experiences I've had thus far, I've got to say though I've always heard it's 'who-you-know' that gets you further, I also would like to take the time to say it's 'what-true-friends-you-have' as well.

I don't think I'm spoiling anything by posting this post, so I'll take the example of how I got my role as Meyers in The November Man, released this summer.

My UK agent Ed Cobb told me they were requesting tapes for the role of Edgar Simpson, a journalist in the film. I liked the part, and had my little FlipCam for these auditions, mainly because I thought I'd be taping back for LA, but sent my tape off to Nancy Bishop, the casting director in Prague who was coordinating this. Soon after, I received a message that the video aspect ratio was funny, and to resubmit. I re-encoded and submitted, then was requested to read for another character, which eventually led to my hiring and flying to Belgrade for the first time (Everly was later). I hadn't met a single person, and everything was done through the internet. Trippy, right?

Either way, I had to have help reading scenes. First off, thanks to my friend Rob Langston (who's voice is the reader in this video) who helped with the first video - then for the second reed, my other housemate at the time, actor Mark Rush was around to help.

If I had never learned from Dylan Ramsey back in good ol' LA times taping (he also booked a role in a film shooting in Louisiana via tape) - I wouldn't have known the standard submission title card format, nor how to set up a scene. My later job in Serbia was Everly, and lovely actress Haruka Abe helped me translate the lines for the audition which eventually ended me up with the role of Dead Man.

There are so many other people along the way that helped, and that remain true friends to this day - especially in other parts of my life, not involving the business. I just thought while I have internet and can post, I would like to say thanks to all of you. We all hold each other up.

Alright, time to go play in the non-rain! Thanks again, Akie

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