Trip to Los Angeles (courtesy of Google+)

Well, pilot season 2015 in Los Angeles ... done again!

This time - many firsts - first time at a drive-in theatre, first time to be seeing Everly on any big screen, first time to rent an AirBnB apartment, first time I got work back in London and had to fly back to shoot a day, then fly back, to then ... fly back. =P

Lots of fun, and to try and attempt something new, I've allowed Google+ to create the trip for you ... through the peekhole of selected pictures I took along the way. Doubt it'll be as much fun for ya'll to click through as it was to experience ... but it's something. Enjoy - and check out Mike Relm's awesome movie remix of Everly below as well!

(Trip to Los Angeles (Part 1 & 2)

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