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A quick catch-up, popping 'round!

Today Cat sent me an email showing one of the latest interviews I did publishing online - and I find it interesting how mistakes can make it out there, and then ... it's just out there! I had a nice phone chat with Quanda, but I guess some of what I said didn't get through correctly - I never said I worked with Tom Cruise, but the rest I believe is accurate. Still, I'm glad it got published, and thank her for her time. Just makes me think about what other 'news' out there is inaccurate...

Well, as it approaches mid-May, I have to say I'm enjoying the warm spell and find it amazing that it has already been three years since I arrived in London, May 2012. Work is good, I've had an opportunity to check out Manchester now, and have a few voice and film projects I'm participating in, so life is pretty good. I keep watching the date for Everly to release in the UK change - from April 10th, to May 1st, to now (according to IMDB) June 26th ... fingers crossed it gets a release here on the big screen.

Otherwise, I've decided to head up to Aberdeen next month for the BrewDog AGM for the first time, so that should be exciting - and hope to spend some of the summer venturing out and seeing more of Europe. I still enjoy listening to my weekly Movie Crypt podcast now, and going out with friends, and continuing to record on a new animated series that I'm waiting for PR to release so I can say more.

This June, on Channel 4 in the UK and on AMC in the US, I got to shoot a guest role for a new show called Humans - they have this really cool marketing concept of a store opening that sells synthetic humans out on Regent Street now - looking forward to that airing and getting to see the whole show!

That's it for now - Mad Max Fury Road tomorrow! =D

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