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Happy Merry Xmas 2015!

...and cheers to 2016!

Well, it's been an interesting time this year - started attempting to be an AirBnb host for a bit, performed in my first major scripted play (Neil Labute's Fat Pig) on stage since ... basically Tokyo times, and continued to marvel and enjoy the work I've been able to do.

Never able to say too much, but thus far - I may be in a blockbuster film, may show up on telly as a 50 year old father, and may be doing my best Tony Stark impression for season two of a successful animated series. May, may, may ... may be left on the cutting room floor, digitally or physically. =P

Onwards looking, my visit to Los Angeles looms in February and and end to a first seasons BBC cartoon wraps up in January. I find the not-knowing part of the future the most difficult for me, but aim to keep smiling and see where this rollercoaster will head next!

Merry Christmas to all.

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